Dennis Santarinala is a veteran who served in the US Navy and US Army for a combined eight years. During his service, he worked as a helicopter mechanic and was deployed twice. His participation in the December 2004 Operation: Unified Assistance earned him a Humanitarian Service Medal. He helped maintain seven HSL-47 Squadron Sea hawk helicopters, which delivered over 5 million pounds of water and relief goods to the Tsunami victims of Banda Aceh, Indonesia.

Aside from his military service, Dennis is an accomplished creative in various fields, including film and digital photography, brand management, design, filmmaking, and vintage automotive restorations. He is particularly passionate about vintage Mini Cooper rally cars.

Currently, Dennis works as a multimedia specialist for the Department of the Air Force at the 349th Air Mobility Wing, Travis Air Force Base in California.

I shoot with both digital and film formats:

-Film (Stills): Large format 4x5, 6x6, 5x7 and 8x10, 120 film, Nikon F series and Leica iii and M systems 35mm rangefinder

-Film (Motion picture): Krasnogorsk-3 and 16mm Bolex Reflex and Super 8mm cameras

-Digital (Stills and Motion picture): Sony and Nikon Full frame formats